Corporate / Commercial Law

Our corporate / commercial practice encompasses a broad spectrum of services to our clients in nearly all aspects of corporate and commercial law.

Our experience allows us to provide our clients with service addressing all aspects of their business activities, from incorporation and corporate (re)structuring, financing, business acquisitions and mergers, shareholder and partnership agreements, joint ventures, service and supplier agreements, employment agreements and matters involving corporate governance and legislative compliance.  We pride ourselves on frequently working with entrepreneurs in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia to help them realize their visions. We endeavor to provide a personalized service that will allow us to advise our clients on the best approaches to their business undertakings with their unique needs and budgets in mind.

Our 5-step Process

1. Contact us

Send us a form or email with your contact information and a summary of your case. If you give us a call, we will get back to you within one business day.

2. Schedule Consultation

When we respond to your initial contact, schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers to assess your case. After confirming your information, we’ll send you online meeting information for your meeting.

3. Case Assessment

Before meeting with one of our lawyers, prepare any questions you may have and details about your case. If documents or information is needed, we’ll ask you for it in advance.

4. Create Action Plan

During the meeting we’ll answer your questions to the best of our hability and give you an overview of an action plan for your case.

5. Get Results

We value your trust in us; therefore, we work tirelessly to see you succeed and have the best outcome for your legal case.

Personalized Attention

Our priority is to make sure you have clarity and peace of mind throughout your legal processes. We take pride in giving all our clients the personal attention they deserve with the experience to help you navigate a variety of litigation scenarios and to provide service in nearly all aspects of corporate / commercial law.

We view every client relationship as a valued one, focused on building trust, providing excellent communication, and efficient results.

Meet our team

At DNL, we encourage individuality and diversity from a fun and holistic point of view. We enjoy getting to know our amazing team members by embracing their unique personalities. This relationship helps us better understand our clients’ needs and produce ways of solving them. Another important base of our experienced team’s relationship with the firm is DNL’s view of work-life balance, personal, and career development. We help each other grow and achieve greatness every chance we get, inside and outside of the firm… and, who knows… tomorrow you could become another valuable member of the DNL team.

Our Firm’s Culture

We are a multicultural and interdisciplinary boutique law firm that thrives in its collaborative-fun work environment and variety of practice areas. We are always looking for the right person that is a fast learner, adaptive, and proactive talent to add overall expertise to our law practice. We have a diverse array of clients, services, and projects that make our business unique, challenging, and fun to be part of. We have state-of-the-art systems that allow remote work but do like seeing each other on a regular basis to create and foster a team spirit in a positiveness empowering environment.

Our Social Commitment

We are part of our community. People, history, future, and culture are important to us because they help us shape the way we connect with our clients and our team. Each of our lawyers has volunteered countless hours to local communities and people that need help in difficult times. In British Columbia, we focus on helping communities embrace trust and transparency. The fact that customer service, client satisfaction, and work-life balance are key elements of our business model, projects our commitment to help our team, neighbors, and clients engage in their goals and values.

About Us

Davison North Law is a dynamic, entrepreneurial, boutique law firm based in Vancouver, Canada who seeks to establish a strong and enduring relationship between its clients and its team of competent, committed professionals. Working together, Davison North Law will help you get the best results.

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