Operations & Project Manager

    Phone: (604) 629-7808


    Pamela joined Davison North Law (former Davison Law Group) in 2021 as Operations & Project Manager, while undertaking her Business & Project Management Diploma; bringing her design-based experience and process analysis to improve short and long-term performance. Ever the entrepreneurial, she has also been involved with new ventures and diversification efforts of the company. 

    As a wild card, Pamela uses her experience from different industries, projects, and ventures to enhance our practice. Helping Davison North Law keep a broader scope within the team and an open-minded approach to problem-solving and process innovation. Having worked in architecture, engineering, construction, education, automotive and clinical industries, her experience brings new process ideas to our practice and overall development.  

    Personal Activities and Community Involvement

    • Pamela has been a member of the Fulbright Scholar Association since 2015, and an active university professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic since 2012. Her main hobbies consist of tennis, running, creating business ideas, and working on her own graphic design brand. She also helps young professionals create their own brands to help them attract better job opportunities and career paths for their future.

    Education and Certifications

    Graduated from Architecture School in 2009 at PUCMM-SD, DR

    Master’s degree in Design Management at the University of Kansas, USA

    Business & Project Management at VCC, Vancouver, Canada

    Notable Experience

    Graduated from architecture school in 2009 at PUCMM, Pamela practiced architecture and construction supervision until 2015 where she received a Fulbright scholarship to undertake her master's degree in Design Management at the University of Kansas, USA. She worked in companies such as The Kansas Memorial Union, Cota Enterprises, Clockwork Architecture + Design, and Tesla Motors, applying her previous experience and design management skills to their daily processes and projects. She also worked helping companies such as Yellow Ingeniers & Arquitectos grow in the Dominican Republic before coming to live in Vancouver, Canada, where she now is part of the Davison North Law team.